Experts Eye Dec. 8 as End to Election Fights: Election Update

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Elections experts are keeping an eye on a date in December that should finally resolve the presidential election.

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Elections Experts Eye Dec. 8 as Next Key Date

While President Donald Trump’s team is fighting to drag out the presidential election, despite it having been called for President-elect Joe Biden, some voting experts are now counting the days until Dec. 8.

That’s the so-called “safe harbor” deadline, when any court challenges to the election results should be resolved in order for state electors to be automatically accepted by Congress.

Trump’s campaign is filing legal challenges and demanding recounts in Wisconsin and Georgia, but that deadline could force judges, election officials and state lawmakers to certify their results. If they don’t, the states’ electors could be rejected by Congress.

The safe harbor deadline comes six days before the Electoral College meeting on Dec. 14. The votes cast by electors on that day are then counted in Congress on Jan. 6.

Legal experts say Trump’s court challenges will likely be resolved by Dec. 8, which would put an end to the current uncertainty.


Replying to @benjaminwittes(3) States will certify their results within the safe harbor deadline—making them dispositive for congressional purposes.1:39 PM · Nov 10, 2020


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