Forget the scaremongering! No deal Brexit will send prices tumbling says Richard Tice

The Brexit Party continues to maintain the best way to honour the 2016 EU referendum result is to leave the EU without a deal on October 31. Richard Tice, the party’s chairman, says a “clean break” is the Brexit Party’s preferred option as it immediately gives power back to Britain. He explainsed leaving the EU without a deal will result in a whole host of benefits for the UK, including cutting consumer prices, eradicating EU rules and regulations that bind Britain and allowing us to take back control of its fishing waters.

Mr Tice told a “clean break Brexit” would: “Remove all the uncertainty at a stroke.

“We would save £39billion and our Government would be free to do trade deals immediately with other countries around the world, which we wouldn’t be able to do under the terrible withdrawal agreement.”

But the benefits don’t stop there, the Brexit Party chairman said a no deal would enable Britain to take back instant control of fishing waters.

He also said the UK would be able to do away with EU rules and regulations that bind Britain.

Mr Tice said: “We would take instant control of our fishing waters rather than them being pillared and plundered by EU fishing vessels.

“We would be back in control and that would be a huge advantage.

“We could use state aide for important strategic national industries for steel.

“For example we could start to get rid of the daft EU rules and regulations that aren’t necessary for an inefficient competitive economy.”

These advantages won’t necessarily have a direct effect on the individual however, but the Brexit Party MEP explained Britons would reap the benefits as consumers.

He said: “All of these things would be a huge boost and we could immediately cut consumer prices on goods that are produced in this country and those that come from non-EU countries such as footwear, certain foods and certain items of clothing.

“So actually we could reduce prices for consumers not increase them.”

But most importantly, Mr Tice said “everybody would know where they stand” as a clean break Brexit provides certainty.

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The Brexiteer hit out at Remain MPs for blocking a no deal Brexit, with the Remainder bill that passed into law last week.

He said the Act was “absurd” but believed Mr Johnson may be able to find a loophole in the legislation.

Mr Tice said: “All the people in Parliament are still trying to stop Brexit and they are duplicitously trying to dress it up as trying to protect against a no deal situation.

“The reality is all their silly parliamentary games are designed to stop Brexit full stop.”

The MEP hopes that Mr Johnson will defy MPs and pull the UK from the European without a deal.

Mr Tice said he didn’t want the Prime Minister to pursue a tweaked version of Theresa May’s deal, which he referred to as “the worst deal in history”, and warned that if he did the Brexit Party will try to persuade Tory MPs to reject the “dreadful deal”.

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