Furious Brexit row erupts as UK warned EU ‘wants to make example of us’ with punitive deal

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Actress Emma Kennedy claimed that the European Union has an advantage over the UK post-Brexit as it only exports eight percent of its goods to Britain. But broadcaster Dawn Neesom dismissed her claims and explained there are divisions between member states in the EU creating frictions both inside and outside the negotiations. Ms Neesom insisted that the EU “wants” to hurt the UK with a punitive deal.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Ms Kennedy said: “The problem is that we export 40 percent of our goods to the EU and they only export eight percent of their goods to us.

“This is the problem, they have got the advantage. There is 27 of them and one of us.”

Ms Neesom interjected: “But we are assuming that if we do just walk away and tell them where to stick the EU, which I think we should at this stage, that they are going to be one happy family.

“I don’t think they are. There are huge divisions in between all those member countries.”

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Ms Kennedy continued: “A lot of people who feel angry about negotiating a trade deal with the EU just want to hurt the EU or see that they’re all falling to bits.”

Ms Neesom noted: “That’s what they want to do to us!”

The fire forecast was echoed by co-host James Whales, who added: “Emma, they want to make an example of us.

“If you get bullied you smack the other guy as hard as you can so they don’t come back and hit you again.”

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Post-Brexit trade deal negotiations between the UK and European Union are continuing in Brussels amid reports that progress in the talks could see a deal agreed this week.

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier is said to have told diplomats the UK had moved towards the bloc’s demands on the level playing field, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Barnier reportedly told EU ambassadors the UK accepted a “rebalancing mechanism”, meaning it could face tariffs if it moves too far away from EU rules.

The Guardian reported that European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said there had been “movement” and talks were “on the very last mile”.


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Negotiations between the two sides were extended on Sunday after Boris Johnson and Mrs von der Leyen agreed to continue the process despite major differences remaining.

Mr Barnier updated diplomats from the 27 EU states about the progress before resuming negotiations with his UK counterpart Lord Frost on Monday.

Negotiations will continue in the Belgian capital on Tuesday.

For months the talks have been deadlocked on the issues of fishing rights, the “level playing field” to ensure neither side can unfairly compete with the other on environmental standards, workers’ rights or state subsidies, and the legal mechanisms to govern any deal.

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