‘He’s not a scientist!’ Betty Boothroyd ‘doesn’t pay attention’ to Tony Blair Covid advice

Tony Blair’s vaccine proposals challenged by Baroness Boothroyd

The Labour peer told Sky News she was outraged by the Government’s decision to delay the injection of second doses of the Pfizer vaccine, contrary to what the pharmaceutical house had advised. Confronted with the fact it was former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair who had made the suggestion, she blasted: “Tony Blair is a politician, not a scientist!

“Of course, he’s my friend, but he’s a politician, not a scientist.

“I don’t pay too much attention to that. I listen to the scientists, the medical people.”

The Baroness said she went back to Addenbrooke’s hospital after being told she was not going to receive her second dose of the Pfizer jab after 21 days as she expected. 

She said: “I feel like we’re the forgotten army.

“So I thought I’d go an ask them at the horse’s mouth.

“So I went to Addenbrooke’s hospital, they were very courteous and gracious, Doctor came out to me, I said now what is the protection if after 21 days you’re not going to do it?

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“He said you’ve got 90 days protection.

“I nearly fell out of the seat I was on. I said 90 days? That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

“So I said look, Pfizer said it was after 21 days that you had to have another injection – the booster – so why has it come to 90 now?

“He said the joint committee on vaccination has made a statement on this, I said good, that’s grand.

“You let me have the statement, I like to see things in writing. I believe what you say Doctor, but it’s better for me in writing.

Matt Hancock outlines details of UK vaccine delivery plan

“When I got home I had a document from them. It is 90 days protection, but it’s 90 days only a short-term.

“And this is why Pfizer said you’ve got to have it again after 21 days, because the protection is only short-term for 90 days.”

She added: “The level of immunity will fall before the second dose. That’s what I’m concerned about.

“I’m concerned about this body of people that is my age group or with vulnerable conditions who have done exactly what the Government wants them to do all this time.

“These aren’t the ones who have been in the park swinging around and having a good time and all of that and many of them haven’t seen their families over Christmas.

“They’ve done what the Government has asked them to do for nine months and this is the way they’ve been treated.

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“Are we guinea pigs? Are they experimenting with us?

“You can’t do that!”

It comes as Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, warned the UK has not yet hit the peak of the current wave of Covid-19 infections, with the next few weeks being “the worst” of the pandemic for the NHS.

He said the vaccine rollout offered hope that lockdown restrictions could be lifted in the coming months but described the current UK death and case rate as an “appalling situation”.

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