Hide & Seek in the Oval Office and More Cute Photos of Presidents' Kids Playing at the White House

Oval Office Exploration

A young and curious John F. Kennedy Jr. explores his father’s desk as the 35th president gets some work done.

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Bike Rides with Mom

First Lady Nancy Reagan, wife of President Ronald Reagan, rides a tandem bike with her son Ron. Jr. on the South Grounds in May 1981.

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White House Birthdays

President Lyndon B. Johnson holds a cake as his daughter Luci Baines blows out her birthday candles on her 17th birthday in July 1964.

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Play Breaks in the Oval

President John F. Kennedy claps while his son John Jr. and daughter Caroline play in the Oval Office in October 1962.

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Talks with Dad

President Jimmy Carter sits daughter Amy on his lap as they have a chat in the Oval Office in 1978.

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Spending Time Outdoors

President Gerald Ford and his daughter Susan play with their Golden Retriever, named Liberty, on the White House lawn in October 1974.

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Holidays at the White House

President George H.W. Bush reads a Christmas story to his grandchildren on Christmas Eve in 1991.

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Kitty in Command

President Bill Clinton works at his desk while First Daughter Chelsea Clinton plays with First Pet Socks the Cat in December 1994. 

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Introducing Bo Obama

President Barack Obama and his daughters Malia and Sasha spend time playing with their Portuguese water dog Bo ahead of the pup’s official introduction to the White House press corps in April 2009.

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Oval Office Hide & Seek

President Barak Obama’s daughter Sasha hides behind the couch in the Oval Office before playfully sneaking up on her dad in August 2009.

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Christmas with the Kennedys

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline gather with their young family, including Caroline, John Jr., Anthony Radziwill, Prince Stanislaus Radziwill, Lee Radziwill and Ann Christine Radziwill, and a few of their pets on Christmas Day, 1962.

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