‘Johnson is dead meat!’ Boris and Downing Street ‘clowns’ savaged by Britons over leaks

Boris Johnson is grilled over Martin Reynolds lockdown party

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A recent poll from Savanta ComRes showed that two-thirds of adults think that Johnson should step down as PM following the latest allegations – up by 12 percent since the last poll over Christmas. This was also true for 42 percent of Conservative voters, and many readers took to the Express comment section to show their disappointment with the PM as the evidence of illegal No10 parties mounts up.

Many commenters focused on the insult of Tory party members allegedly having parties while the rest of us obeyed their lockdown rules.

One said: “All those who attended the parties should be dismissed regardless of their positions.

“We the electorate who pay their salaries will not put up with their blatant disrespect to families who lost loved ones whilst they were having a knees up.

“Name and shame all those who attended.”

IanW said: “Everyone that obeyed the first lockdown did the right thing regardless of how they felt about it.

“Those clowns in Downing Street were childish, foolish, and to think it would never get out, absolutely nuts.

“But they risked their own and their family’s health for a drink?”

Another reader added: “So he stood up and reiterated the lockdown rules – that you could meet one other person outdoors with 2m distance – knowing that in one hour he was going to be at a party at number 10.

“For anyone else it would be unbelievable, for Johnson it’s just more arrogance and lies.

“What is genuinely unbelievable is that some people are still trying to defend him.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden had reminded the public that they should only meet in pairs outdoors less than an hour before the alleged drinks party in the garden of No10 during the height of lockdown in May 2020.

Others, meanwhile, expressed frustration not just with the allegations of a party, but with the Tory’s leadership as a whole.

Fedupwithliberalism said: “He’s already gone and the Tories for me! Utterly useless and delivered nothing – just higher taxes!

Rhodiejeb similarly stated: “If the Tories want to win the next election, now is the time to install a new leader who can make good on Brexit promises and lower taxes.”

Many commenters appeared to see the recent allegations as the death knell for Mr Johnson’s leadership of the party.

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One said: “Hands up, I helped vote Boris in. I was so wrong. I want him out now!”

Waterloo1815 stated: “This will continue until the jellyfish Tory MPs man up and decide on a leadership challenge.

“So far it would seem none of them have the balls to start the ball rolling.

“Once it’s in motion, Johnson is dead meat.”

Yetti added: “If he needs to wait for an inquiry to tell whether he attended a party at his own home, he probably shouldn’t be in charge of nuclear weapons.”

Bookmaker PaddyPower has placed the odds of Johnson leaving Downing Street as early as this week at 10/1 – from 25/1 at the end of last year.

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