Judith Collins’ future as National leader hangs on latest poll

The fate of National leader Judith Collins could hinge on a Newshub-Reid Research poll published tonight.

New Zealand has had a surfeit of polls the last fortnight, with three having been released in that period.

All have shown a similar trend, which is Labour’s support slowly winnowing away, with National making tiny gains.

But with those gains still leaving National polling in the 20s, the slightly improved polling appears unlikely to be able to save the troubled leadership of Collins.

Those gains appear unlikely to save the leadership of Collins, which is under sustained attack from some in her caucus.

The Taxpayers’ Union Curia poll put Labour at 39 per cent, with National at 26.

A leaked copy of the most recent Talbot Mills Research corporate poll had Labour at 41, with National at 24.

The 1 News-Colmar Brunton Poll had Labour at 41 per cent and National on 28.

The last Newshub-Reid poll was in July and had Labour on 43 per cent and National languishing on 29.

The Greens registered 10 per cent, Act 13, and Te Pati Māori 2.5.

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