‘Just the beginning!’ Reclaim’s Martin Daubney issues warning to Tories after by-election

Martin Daubney says net zero targets ‘punish’ working class

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Ex-Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney, 51, stood as the candidate for the Reclaim Party in yesterday’s North Shropshire by-election. His inclusion in the race to succeed disgraced ex-Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson, 65, who resigned as the local MP after he was found to have breached parliamentary rules on lobbying, came as Reclaim contested their first by-election contest since they were created back in February.

The party, founded by actor Laurence Fox, 43, positions itself against political correctness and many COVID-19 measures, which they claim infringe on individual liberties.

Mr Daubney received just 375 votes and finished in a distant seventh place in North Shropshire, falling behind the UKIP candidate by just three votes.

The Liberal Democrats came out on top with 17,957 votes and the Tory Party, who held the seat in every election since 1906, fell into second place on just 12,032 votes.

The result comes after Fox, who appeared in ITV drama Lewis, finished in sixth place in the London Mayoral Election with 47,634 votes.

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However, Mr Daubney told Express.co.uk he expects the party to make progress in the New Year.

“We are very, very happy with our gain here, our campaign,” Mr Daubney said.

“A huge learning curve and the Reclaim Party is just beginning.

“This is stage one, our first by-election, we’ve got £5million for the New Year, we’ve taken a councillor from the Tories in North Shropshire, we’ve built an outpost, we’ve got three more councillors going to us in the New Year, great news to come.

“Reclaim is just getting started.”

But Reclaim also missed out to the rebranded Brexit Party, Reform UK, led by 57-year-old Richard Tice.

Mr Tice, a former colleague of Mr Daubney in Brussels and Strasbourg, had signed an electoral pact with Fox in the London Mayoral Election.

However, last night his party streaked away from Reclaim by receiving 1,427 votes.

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Earlier this evening, Mr Daubney also told Express.co.uk that Reclaim will pose a threat to the right of the Conservative Party and eat away at the Tories’ Brexit-backing base.

He said: “We are going to take votes from the Brexit end of the spectrum, the patriots, the true Brexiteers, the ones who are upset the Government is losing control on illegal immigration, taxation, green taxes and of course the Christmas party scandal.”

Reclaim had a pre-poll boost last week after ex-Tory and Vote Leave donor Jeremy Hosking, 63, pledged to pump a further £5million into the party’s coffers.

Mr Hosking told the Telegraph: “I am very pleased at the way the party is developing and establishing itself as the leading opponent of the intolerant progressive ideologies emanating primarily from the country’s university system, and encompassing cancel culture, alarmist climate activism and critical race theory.”

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