Kavanaugh could make red wave probable in Senate come November: Varney

Red wave in Senate will make headlines come November: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the impact of President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on the midterm elections.

Is it possible? A red wave coming, to the Senate? The Republicans pick up seats, increase their majority?

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It’s possible, and because of Judge Kavanaugh, it’s probable!

Time for an explanation.

There are five Democrat senators who are up for re-election in November. Each comes from a state that went for Trump.

Their party leader, Sen. Schumer, demands unity: a “no” vote on Kavanaugh. But that vote will likely take place before the November elections! Oh dear, that’s a problem!

How will those Senate Democrats vote against a Supreme Court nominee who is popular with voters? That’s political suicide. So Democrat Senate leader Schumer is asking members of his own party to give the Republicans a bigger Senate majority.


Sen. Schumer is boxed in. If he gets a “no” vote from all Democrats, he loses seats. If he lets them break rank, his base will never forgive him and the far left will make even bigger gains within his own party!

Now Sen. Schumer is the consummate politician, and a very intelligent guy. He got a perfect SAT score, but he has been outmaneuvered.

Arch enemy Trump is going to beat him with Judge Kavanaugh. Forget that blue wave in the House – it’s the red wave in the Senate that’s really going to make the headlines come November.

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