Labour shamed: Dodds sparks fury after claiming Keir Starmer would’ve got a better deal

Brexit: Anneliese Dodds slams government's 'thin' deal

Anneliese Dodds told the BBC the trade deal the UK’s Prime Minister has struck with the EU is thin. Her comments sparked a backlash on social media with one person branding Labour “hypocritical”.

Ms Dodds said: “I am not going to say this is the deal Labour would have secured because it really isn’t. This is a thin deal.”

Responding to the Shadow Chancellor’s comments, one Twitter user said: “With respect. After leaving the country bankrupt, every time on leaving office in the last 50 years…I wouldn’t trust Labour.”

Another tweeted: “Anneliese Dodds terrible interview, answer nothing about your own party, rant on, typical soundbites criticise Govt about everything without stopping for breath.”

A third wrote: “Goodness me @AnnelieseDodds full of untruths about the Brexit deal on @BBCNews – yet she will vote for the deal.

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“Labour are so hypocritical. Either you accept the deal or you don’t – no halfway measures & you Madame stop telling lies on live TV.”

More to follow…

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