Lincoln Project, Ossoff campaign staffer may have violated campaign finance laws: watchdog

Two former officials call on The Lincoln Project to close amid scandals

Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to The Lincoln Project facing calls from two former top officials to shut down over a growing list of scandals, including accusations the group ignored sexual harassment claims against co-founder John Weaver.

A former communications staffer for the anti-Trump Lincoln Project may have run afoul of campaign finance laws meant to prevent chatter between super PACs and campaigns, according to an ethics watchdog group. 

Keith Edwards worked as communications director for the Lincoln Project until his departure in November, when he took a position as senior digital advisor for the campaign of Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga. 

Federal Elections Commission records show, however, that Edwards’ consulting firm, That’s Good Media, was paid $20,000 by the Lincoln Project while still receiving salary payments by Ossoff’s campaign.

Both payments came on Jan. 4, 2021 — one day before the Senate runoff that split the upper chamber 50/50, FEC records show. 

That’s Good Media received payments from the Lincoln Project from July 2020 to November 2020 before stopping in December, FEC records show. 

At that point in the electoral cycle, all eyes were on the two Georgia Senate seats for control of the upper chamber. Edwards was actively campaigning for Ossoff during this time.

Kendra Arnold, president of conservative ethics watchdog group Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust (FACT), told the Free Beacon that the payments could point towards illegal coordination between Ossoff’s campaign and the Lincoln Project.

“When a super PAC has inside information from a vendor or employee of a candidate, any advertising the super PAC does on behalf of the candidate is an illegal in-kind contribution to the campaign,” Arnold told the outlet.

“In situations where an individual has ties to both a campaign and outside organization, it raises serious concerns of illegal coordination,” Arnold added. 

Federal campaign staffers must wait a cooling off period of 120 days before they are allowed to work for an outside group that is running ads supporting their candidate, such as the Lincoln Project.


The Lincoln Project is a vocal anti-Trump group that has gone into free fall since the election, amid accusations that the group turned a blind eye to sexual harassment by co-founder John Weaver.


Weaver allegedly harassed dozens of young, gay men online — including a 14-year-old — while promising them job opportunities and political clout.

The Lincoln Project has also come under scrutiny for allegedly shady financial arrangements, as well a work envirornment that former staffers described as “toxic.” 

Edwards did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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