Liz Truss faces ‘most difficult’ brief as PM, David Davis warns

Laura Kuenssberg interviews Liz Truss on new BBC show

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The backbencher and former minister, who backed Rishi Sunak in the Tory leadership contest, said it looked “likely” that Liz Truss would become the next Prime Minister. He warned that she faces “probably the second most difficult brief” for a post-war Prime Minister. Speaking to Sophy Ridge, Mr Davis said: “The only person with a worse brief coming in was Margaret Thatcher.

“It’s going be on a par with the furlough scheme in terms of it’s going to be tens of billions of costs.

“That is what should happen. It has to happen.

“It will involve, to some extent, putting your ideologies to one side.”

Truss has said she will set out “immediate action” on energy bills during her first week in office, if she becomes prime minister on Tuesday.

The Foreign Secretary, widely tipped to defeat rival Rishi Sunak when the Tory leadership winner is announced on Monday, has said she will be capable of making “difficult decisions” as prime minister to get the UK through the energy crisis.

There have been ever-louder calls in recent weeks that the Government intervene to support the most vulnerable, with energy bills set to rise to around £3,500 this winter for the average household.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Ms Truss said she would appoint a council of economic advisers to help guide her and her chancellor.

She says: “I understand how challenging the cost of living crisis is for everyone. These are tough times and the months ahead will be hard.

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She said that she will take “immediate action” to tackle the cost-of-living crisis for families and businesses, while also delivering a “broader plan to get our economy growing, make it more resilient and make it more competitive”.

“If elected, I plan within the first week of my new administration to set out our immediate action on energy bills and energy supply.

“A fiscal event would follow later this month from my chancellor, with a broader package of action on the economy.”

“We need to take the difficult decisions to ensure we are not in this position every autumn and winter.


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“Sticking plasters and kicking the can down the road will not do. I am ready to take the tough decisions to rebuild our economy.”

The energy crisis, according to the Sunday Times, will also be the focus of Ms Truss’ address from Downing Street once she is appointed.

The paper reports it is expected to be “very short”, but that an announcement on energy will come quickly once Ms Truss takes charge, with a “fiscal event” set to take place in the coming weeks.

Throughout the campaign she has pledged to “start cutting taxes from day one” with a new Budget and Spending Review that would reverse April’s rise in national insurance and next year’s corporation tax increase from 19 percent to 25 percent.”

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