‘Most disastrous defeat!’ Laura Pidcock squirms in desperate defence of Corbyn leadership

Labour Conference 2021: Chair 'curtailing debate' says guest

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Speaking from the Labour Party conference in Brighton, Ms Pidcock told BBC Politics Live how factions of the Labour Party worked against Jeremy Corbyn and have allowed Keir Starmer to preside over multiple crises as she furiously slammed the Sir Keir’s rule changes to the party which she said have destroyed Labour’s election chances.

She said: “These people worked against a democratically elected member of the Labour Party and I am asking them to have perspective!

“I told Keir Starmer that this would happen in the NEC…

“Whilst you want us to look out to the electorate, whilst you want us to be elation ready, what your rule changes are doing are allowing the media to focus on internal Labour Party issues rather than the real crisis facing working class people.”

Jo Coburn hit back, saying: “But making someone more electable is important isn’t it? When you think it was the most disastrous election under Jersey Corby’s leadership.

“If these rule changes make Keir Starmer or anyone else more electable, that would be better wouldn’t it?”

“I just want to remind people that there were lots of MP”’s who worked under Jeremy Corbyn who resigned on mass while that man was trying to lead the party.

With very sensible policies: returning power to the workplace, renationalising key utilities…

“You just feel a sense that they are moving back from the radicalism that we saw at the very time when they need to be advancing on that radicalism because we are in a crisis.”

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