Nicola Sturgeon under threat as SNP splinters into breakaway groups ahead of 2021 election

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Nicola Sturgeon’s dreams of having an independent Scotland could be dashed by new political campaign groups, according to former Labour MP George Galloway. His group, Alliance for Unity, which has received a huge following on social media, plans to secure the defeat of the SNP in May 2021 and bring an “end to the Neverendum on Scotland’s future”.

Mr Galloway said there have been breakaway groups from the SNP including one led by someone in Bath.

Speaking to, Mr Galloway said: “There is now already one breakaway from the SNP.

“The man from Bath who runs Wings Over Scotland has announced that he is going to set up a breakaway SNP group.”

Stuart Campbell, who runs the Wings Over Scotland website, plans to pick up seats in the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election if another independence referendum is not delivered by that time.

The new group could dismantle the SNP’s mandate in Scotland.

Mr Galloway has insisted that “Scottish people have spoken” and there is not a need for another referendum.

He said: “The referendum was literally called decisive in the Edinburgh agreement which established the referendum.

“Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon said a thousand times, maybe 5,000 times, that this was a ‘once in a generation referendum’, sometimes they even said ‘once in a lifetime’.

“But it hasn’t even been the lifetime of a domesticated rabbit and they speak of nothing else while ignoring the dreadful situation in Scotland’s care homes, hospitals, schools.

“All the big problems that Scotland faces are completely ignored in favour of them getting their ducks in a row to have another go.”

It comes as Scottish independence poses a greater threat to businesses in Scotland than “any friction” caused by Brexit, a trade minister has said.

Conservative frontbencher Graham Stuart told MPs that Scottish companies complain to him about the “relentless pursuit of Scottish independence”, as he hit out at SNP MPs.


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Mr Stuart added that independence would result in a “loss of opportunity” for businesses and people in Scotland.

SNP MP Martyn Day (Linlithgow and East Falkirk) highlighted concerns raised by lorry drivers over a no deal Brexit, and asked for assurances that there will be minimal disruption.

Mr Stuart said the Government has been working “flat out” to “minimise the challenges” when the transition period ends on December 31.

He went on: “What Scottish businesses raise with me is the biggest threat to their trade isn’t any friction as we move to the new settlement on the EU border.

“It’s the fact that 60 percent of all Scottish exports go to England, Wales and Northern Ireland – more than the rest of the world combined, and it’s that and the threat (Mr Day) poses to Scottish business in that way that really worries them for the long term.”

But the SNP claims there has never been a greater mandate for independence from the UK, with various polls showing a surge in support for their cause. 

The SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford told MPs in a Commons debate this week: “The chasm between Westminster and the Scottish people has never been bigger.

“The fact is Scotland has been completely ignored by Westminster. We now face an extreme Brexit, a power grab and another round of Tory cuts all being imposed against our will by a Tory Government that we didn’t vote for.”

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Blackford added: “Isn’t it the case that the real disaster facing the people of Scotland is another 20 years of Westminster Government? Isn’t clearer than ever that the only way … to protect Scotland’s interests, our Parliament and our place in Europe is for Scotland to become an independent country?”

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