Nicola Sturgeon weighs up becoming foster parent in life after SNP leadership

Nicola Sturgeon is considering becoming a foster parent, she has revealed.

In an article written just months after stepping down from her role as SNP leader, Ms Sturgeon suggested she could foster a child in the future.

The opinion piece, written for the Daily Record, sees Ms Sturgeon pledge to “be a voice for young people in care across Scotland”.

She says she can see a “possibility of fostering” children herself in the future.

The former SNP leader said there is a “burning need for change” and she still feels a “duty to ensure it happens”.

She added: “I have spoken before about the possibility of fostering myself in future.

“Obviously, that is something I must think long and hard about, but it was hearing about the impact good foster care can have in the life of a child that motivated me to even consider it.

“But for every positive experience, I heard many more that were heart-breaking.

“Young people who need love and nurture too often end up adrift in a ‘system’ which puts rules and processes ahead of their needs. And the impact on them is lifelong.

“I was persuaded that the system – despite the best efforts of the dedicated men and women who work in it – was broken.

“We – Government, society – too often let our most vulnerable children down at the time they need us most.

“And the understanding I got from these young people instilled in me a determination to help make it better.”

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Ms Sturgeon has been mired in controversy since stepping down in February, as the SNP has been subject to a police investigation over its finances.

The former First Minister’s husband Peter Murrell was arrested in April and released without charge 11 hours later.

The SNP is subject to a police investigation into whether £600,000 earmarked for independence campaigning was diverted elsewhere in 2021.

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