Nigel Farage warns ‘don’t expect Biden to be great friend’ to Brexit Britain ‘he’s pro-EU’

Joe Biden may not be ‘great friend’ to UK claims Farage

The former Brexit Party leader told BBC Radio 2 that Joe Biden shares similar views on Brexit to Barack Obama. Mr Farage claimed that former US President Obama “looked down his nose” at the UK and warned them against independence from the European Union.

The former Brexit Party MEP said: “I think the Winston Churchill bust has been removed from the Oval Office already.

“If that is confirmed that would not surprise me at all because Joe Biden is anti-Brexit.

“Joe Biden is pro the European Union.

“Joe Biden was the Vice President when Obama came here in 2016 and looked down his nose at us and said if we dared to vote for independence we would go to the back of the queue.

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“Don’t expect Biden to be a great friend of this country.”

Despite Mr Farage’s claims,  the UK Government has stated that Britain and US have already held discussions regarding forming a new alliance.

Priti Patel told Sky News that the President-elect and the UK Prime Minister have outlined a pathway for both strong democratic nations to work together throughout 2021.

The Home Secretary said: “We move on now, there is an incoming President.

Joe Biden has ‘been in touch’ with Boris Johnson says Patel

“Our Prime Minister has rightly so been in touch with President-elect Joe Biden.

“We have got an exciting agenda as two strong democratic countries are coming together and will be working together on a range of issues as we go into this year.

“For us, it is very much businesses as usual with a new team at this very exciting time with this big handover.”

Boris Johnson has repeatedly insisted Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union would grant the UK the chance to strengthen its relationship with important partners like the United States.


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Mr Biden had previously put into question the possibility of striking an arrangement after urging the UK and the EU to ensure any new Brexit trade deal would not damage peace accords on the isle of Ireland.

But with the Brexit agreement now in place and London and Brussels moving discussions on to new sectorial agreements, chances for a new deal with Washington appear improved.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 US election bringing to the end the Republican Party’s four years in office.

Joe Biden is the oldest US President in history at 78.

Kamala Harris has also been sworn in as the United States 49th Vice President. 

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