‘People in authority were laughing at us’ Tory MP admits he regrets supporting lockdown

Tory MP says he 'regrets' voting for 2020 lockdown measures

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Robert Halfon admitted he regrets voting for some lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic. The Tory MP suggested the Government had let down the UK population as they engaged in partygate events that broke their own covid restrictions. Despite his claims, Mr Halfon argued the Prime Minister should not resign and should instead work to deliver a swift resolution to the cost of living crisis.

Speaking to Talk TV, he said: “I do feel that the ruling classes let us down.”

He argued that those in power had let down vulnerable people during the pandemic and flaunted their own rules while households across the nation were isolating.

Mr Halfon continued: “I was a shielded person, I was forced to stay at home for months on end by the law, getting text messages saying you must stay home you must not go out.”

The Tory MP confirmed his experience as a shielding individual and the investigation into partygate had made him regret supporting many lockdown measures introduced by the Government.

“I regret voting for some lockdown measures.”

He continued: “I did fight against school closures, I did vote against the vaccine passports as well.

“As long as I live I’ll regret voting for many of the lockdown measures.

“It seems to me that the ruling classes and the people in authority were laughing at us.

“By the way, this is from both parties as well, it’s not just the Conservatives, my party, that did this.”

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Mr Halfon made sure to assert it was not just the Conservative politicians but also the Labour party that had undermined lockdown measures.

He suggested the Government controversy of partygate demonstrates the leading parliamentary members were “laughing” at the restrictions placed on the rest of the nation.

He added: “I’ve learnt a big lesson from this, it shouldn’t have happened.

“I feel let down but for the reasons I’ve set out, I’m not saying the Prime Minister should go.”

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The Tory MP argued Boris Johnson should remain Prime Minister despite his controversial handling of the pandemic restrictions.

Mr Halfon suggested the Government should focus on delivering a solution to the soaring costs of essentials across the UK.

He argued the cost of living crisis should be addressed by a stable Government and declared Boris Johnson should not be made to resign.

The Sue Gray report, an extensive review of the investigation into partygate allegations, is still yet to be released.

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