POLL: Seven years on from Brexit referendum, do you think it’s been a success?

Friday, June 23, marks the seven-year anniversary of the Brexit referendum which saw Britons backing leaving the European Union by 52 percent to 48 percent.

The result in 2016 meant that the UK entered a Brexit transition period to allow the Government to negotiate and strike an agreement with the EU over the withdrawal terms.

Then-Prime Minister David Cameron resigned due to the result, leaving his successor Theresa May to work on negotiations. After three years without success, Boris Johnson took office and officially signed the Withdrawal Agreement.

The UK officially ceased to be a member of the bloc on January 31 2020. Still, the UK continues to be subject to some EU laws in addition to Northern Ireland’s situation proving to be a sticking point, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreeing to The Windsor Framework earlier this year.

Brexit continues to affect day-to-day life in Britain and despite many celebrating its success a large proportion are suffering regret.


A study by thinktank Public First for the UK in a Changing Europe revelaed that only 18 percent of Leave voters fell that Brexit has gone “well” or “very well”. A further 30 percent answered that it has “neither turned out well or badly” while 26 percent said that it is “too soon to say”.

Speaking about the ​​result, UK in a Changing Europe director Anand Menon said: “While very few people think Brexit is going well, a large number of Leavers also believe it is still too soon to make a definitive judgment.”

He continued: “Many Leave voters believe Brexit has not been a success because politicians have let them down. The danger is that this will lead to an erosion of faith in politics and politicians.”

So what do YOU think? Has Brexit been a success? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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