Ruth Davidson insists ‘only way to stop SNP majority’ in Scotland is to vote Tory

Ruth Davidson says it’s ‘all to play for’ in election

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The leader of the Scottish Conservatives claimed that no other vote can prevent an SNP victory in the devolved nation. Nicola Sturgeon is struggling to keep a hold of her support for a second Scottish independence referendum, according to the latest polls.

Ms Davidson said the SNP winning overall in the Holyrood election was no longer the “nailed-on near-certainty” that polls had previously predicted.

Speaking at the Conservative party spring conference, Ms Davidson said: “Casting your ‘party’ vote for the Scottish Conservatives, even if you never have before, and even if it’s just this once, is the only way to stop that SNP majority.

“No other vote can be sure of preventing an SNP majority and the independence referendum they want to hold.”

She added: “Labour are in third place across Scotland and they’ve said they won’t work with other parties to block the SNP.

“The Lib Dems are in fourth place and can’t effectively challenge the Nationalists.

“The Greens have backed the SNP throughout this parliament, and will do it all over again if they’re given the chance.”

Ms Davidson is set to leave Holyrood to take up a seat in the House of Lords.

She explained how preventing an SNP win is “vital” as it is “the only way to be certain that Scotland isn’t dragged back into another independence referendum when we all need to be focusing on building a recovery from the pandemic”.

The Tory leader warned that if Ms Sturgeon’s party win “they will put their obsession with securing a second independence referendum above Scotland’s national interest”.

She added: “At this uncertain time, the only priority that our governments should have is to work together to manage the Covid crisis and rebuild our country.

“But the SNP have made it clear, if they win a majority in May, they will try to hold another independence referendum in short order.

“They’ve said it could come as soon as the second half of this year. And some of them are even pushing for an illegal ‘wildcat’ referendum.

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“In the midst of a global pandemic, when the only priority should be pulling together to defeat it, to get the country back on its feet, the SNP’s priority is to divide us all over again.

“Over the last few weeks, something in Scotland has changed. The Nationalist bandwagon, rolling unstoppably towards their dream of a second independence referendum, is now backfiring.”

A Savanta ComRes survey conducted by the Scotsman, which questioned 1,009 people aged 16 and over between March 5 and March 10, found a minority of Scots (45 percent) would back breaking away from Westminster.

Almost half said they would vote ‘no’ to the separation, while eight percent of people said they weren’t sure, according to the survey.

Another poll by YouGov in the Times found that support for Scotland staying in the UK sat at 51 percent – compared to 48 percent of Scots who said they wouldn’t support a referendum held before 2023.

Only 33 percent of the devolved nation said they are in favour of going ahead with a national independence vote.

The survey was based on 1,100 people and was conducted between March 4 and March 8.

Ms Davidson claimed the SNP’s popularity in Scotland is dwindling and there are a “lot of different reasons for this”.

She said it’s due to “the SNP’s poor record of delivery across our public services” and “their increasingly highhanded attitude as a government that thinks it can do what it likes and get away with it”.

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