Sturgeon CRACKDOWN: SNP chief threatens Scots with police arrest if they flout Covid rules

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From November 20 onwards, travel guidance requesting Scottish people to not travel between areas with different coronavirus levels will become law, Nicola Sturgeon has announced. The First Minister told those living in areas under Level 3 or 4 restrictions to not leave their own local authorities except for essential reasons. The SNP leader also warned that the police will be on hand to enforce the new rules against those who “flagrantly breach” them.

She said: “On enforcement, the police themselves have set out that they will take the same approach to enforcement as they have done with other restrictions we’ve put into regulation.

“The police are not going to stop every car but if they come across somebody who is flagrantly breaching, they’ll tell them and encourage them to stop.

“If they don’t do that and they’re flagrantly breaching, enforcement is an option.

“But it is a last resort option as we want to encourage people to do the right thing.”

This changes comes amid multiple local lockdown changes across Scotland.

19 council areas, the majority, will see no change to their tier levels.

From the start of next week, two areas will move down from Level 3 to Level 2.

However, 11 local authorities will, from 6pm on Friday for “a strictly limited period”, move from Level 3 to Level 4.

Ms Sturgeon told the briefing: “If you live in a Level 3, or from Friday a Level 4, area, you shouldn’t leave your own local authority area except for essential purposes.

“If you live in a Level 1 or 2 area, do not travel into a Level 3 or 4 area, again except for essential purposes.

“And there should be no non-essential travel between Scotland and other parts of the UK.”

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Essential purposes includes work that cannot be done at home or caring responsibilities.

The First Minister pleaded Scots to “stick to the rules on travel”.

She claimed the moving of the guidance into law “reflected how important” the travel rules are.

The SNP leader insisted that following the restrictions would limit the risk of passing on the virus.

It also makes it possible for the Government to continue with a targeted approach and avoid putting the whole country into the highest restrictions.

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