‘This could get nasty’ Raab admits Royal Navy could board French trawlers in fishing rows

Brexit: Raab addresses ‘outlandish’ EU fishing proposals

When asked whether the Royal Navy will board fishing boats in the event of a no deal Brexit, Mr Raab admitted the UK has “always had the ability to take enforcement action” on foreign vessels. He noted extra vessels have been agreed in no deal planning. The Ministry of Defence said four Royal Navy patrol ships will be ready on January 1 to help protect Britain’s fishing waters in the event of no deal.

Speaking to BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Mr Raab said: “We will adhere to all the rules in the international law and the others rules that apply to make sure we can enforce in a proportionate way our fisheries.

“That’s why for the French this is crazy to end up without a trade deal when they’re making such aggressive demands on fisheries.

“If we leave without a trade deal, they will have zero assured access to our fisheries.”

Mr Marr interjected: “This could get quite nasty, couldn’t it?”

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Mr Raab continued: “I don’t think on our side.

“We are quite pragmatic in the Northern Ireland context, we want to resolve things.

“The Prime Minister has shown the leadership, our team are hard at it.

“But it’s the EU that has been politically very aggressive about this.”

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