Thousands of Rejoiners launch bid to drag UK back into bloc – pro-Brexit comments banned

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Remainers are still not satisfied with the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum and with the UK having formally left the bloc last year, the campaign group continue to call for Britain to Rejoin the EU. As part of their latest efforts to galvanise support they have launched a Facebook Group titled ‘Action to RejoinEU’, which has a strict set of rules.

One ProEU campaigner advertised the group on her Twitter account, and said: “It will take years before we #RejoinEU.

“So we need to be doing the groundwork now!

“PRIVATE Pro EU Group on Facebook. Proactive posts only!

“No lamenting over Guardian articles.

“It’s all about ACTION! Polls & Petitions, Crowdfunders, Marches & Events.”

The Facebook group already has 2,600 members and vows to take a proactive stance.

The description states: “The group was set up as an alternative to other remain groups in that all posts should be of a proactive stance, in other words involves ‘doing something’.”

Examples listed include: petitions, crowdfunding, events, letters to MP’s or Lords and sharing names of companies that sell anti-Brexit merchandise.

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The group appears to have quite a strict set of rules, with the admin stating “no news articles or general discussions” about Brexit are allowed.

Covid news posts are also not permitted.

Group rules also state: “Remain posts and comments only please.

“This group is committed to fighting Brexit and any pro Leave comment or post will be removed.”

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The Facebook group was first launched in July 2019 and was named “Action Against Brexit”.

But at the beginning of the year the admin changed the name to “Action to RejoinEU”.

The group forms just one part of the Rejoin EU campaign.

Thousands of social media users Tweet using the #RejoinEU hashtag each day, where they discuss anti-Brexit rhetoric and plot new ways to realign the UK with the bloc.

One Tweet read: “The politicians want us to put up & shut up.

That’s not going to happen!

“#FBPE = Follow Back Pro EU. Put it in your handle/bio Follow and be followed.

“Keep the message loud, clear, strong & united!!! #RejoinEU RemainersWereRight.”

The hashtag FBPE stands for “Follow Back Pro EU” and was launched in October 2017 in an attempt to build up a network of pro-EU users.

It has since been used for encouraging grassroots campaigning for pro-Europeans.

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