Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Ashley Hinson and Young Kim team up to build more diverse GOP from ground up

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Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Tim Scott and Reps. Ashley Hinson and Young Kim have joined forces to help the GOP recruit more diverse and female candidates at the state legislative level.

The four congressional lawmakers star in a video released Tuesday by the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), the leading political organization dedicated to electing GOP candidates to state legislative and executive offices across the nation. 

The video promotes the RSLC’s recently launched “Right Leaders Network,” which the group touts as an enhancement of their long-standing efforts to grow the GOP “from the ground up with more diverse candidates and elected officials.” 

The video includes clips from a panel discussion last month where Rubio, Scott, Hinson and Kim gave advice to female and minority candidates thinking of running for state office.

“Most Americans in most districts what they are looking for really is the content of your character not the color of your skin. They want to hear your story because it should hopefully reflect their story,” Scott, the South Carolina Republican and only Black member of his party in the Senate, says in the video.

And Rubio, whose parents immigrated to Florida from Cuba, noted that “what’s so unique about the American identity is it’s not a skin color. It never has been. It never should have been. It’s not an ethnicity. It’s not the pronunciation of your last name. It’s not where your parents came from. We are literally people from every corner of this planet or their descendants who somehow can share the common identity of American.”

Hinson, a first term Republican from Iowa, noted that “I’m a mom who drives a minivan. I talk about filling up my minivan. I go grocery shopping. I understand. I am a per ounce grocery shopper, which may be a little bit nerdy, but when you are feeding a family and you have a budget …the federal government could learn a thing or two from how moms do their grocery shopping.”

And Kim, the South Korean born first term congresswoman from California, highlighted that “we’re the ones raising kids so were the ones who understand how much the gallon of milk costs.”

The RSLC is touting their successes in last month’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey when it comes to diversity. Winsome Sears became Virginia’s first ever woman of color to be elected lieutenant governor. And more than half of the state legislative seats the GOP flipped from blue to red in Virginia were won by women or minorities.

Former Republican Delegate Winsome Sears celebrates winning the race for Lt. Governor of Virginia as she introduces Republican candidate for Governor Glenn Youngkin during an election night party in Chantilly Virginia, U.S., November 3, 2021.
(REUTERS/ Jonathan Ernst)

In New Jersey, one of the two state Senate seats Republicans flipped and all three of the state assembly seats they picked up were won by women and diverse candidates.

“We know the future of the Republican Party and the future of our country starts in the states, which is why it’s critical that we continue to invest in recruiting, training, and supporting diverse candidates running for state offices who will go on to be the national leaders of tomorrow,” RSLC President Dee Duncan highlighted. “We’re incredibly proud that women and minorities led the way to a historic 2021 election year and are excited about those from all walks of life who are already jumping in to help us finish the fight in 2022.”  

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