Times Square swarmed by hundreds protesting COVID vaccine mandate, chanting 'F— Joe Biden'

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Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in New York City’s Times Square Saturday to protest coronavirus vaccine mandate requirements. 

Protesters could be seen waving flags and signs on Saturday with many of them chanting against mandatory vaccines. 

Protesters could be heard chanting “freedom” and “my body my choice.”

At one point a woman got on a stage and told Biden that she has lost her patience with him prompting chants of “F— Joe Biden” from the crowd. 

The event was part of the “World Wide Rally For Freedom” which took place in cities across the globe including in Australia where protesters clashed with police in videos posted to social media.

“We will push back against widespread propaganda, by producing our own media, and advancing our own narrative, instead of succumbing to the one being pushed on us. We will not accept the rampant politicization of science and medicine, and we will return these institutions to being neutral sources of information for the benefit of society, over government and corporate interests,” a press release about Saturday’s event reed on the organizers’ website.

Earlier this summer, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio enacted a policy mandating that New Yorkers who wished to visit bars, restaurants, gyms, and other local businesses have to show proof of being vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

It is unknown if any arrests were made or if any road closures resulted from the Times Square protest. 

The New York Police Department declined to comment on the protest when contacted by Fox News.

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