‘Too worried about their careers!’ Vine caller brands leaders ‘gutless’ over Covid plans

Jeremy Vine caller says ‘all the leaders are gutless’

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Caller Jim Arbroath phoned into the Jeremy Vine show to speak with presenter Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije about the latest government restrictions. Mr Arbroath and Ms Vanderpuije were also joined by the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to discuss financial plans to protect businesses following the surge of Omnicron. Caller Jim Arbroath criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership skills throughout the pandemic as many businesses closed down completely due to lack of government funding. Restaurants and bars in the UK have been closing early or not opening at all during the festive season as people follow the government advice to stay home, to help stop the spread of the new variant. Leaving businesses to deal with a financial loss, as what was set to be one of the busiest seasons of the year is turning out to be one of the quietest.

Mr Arbroath said: “I think that all the leaders are totally gutless and this is what they want to do but they no the backlash for their own political careers would absolutely kill it especially after the debacle of last year.

“And I think Boris Johnson has just boxed himself straight into a corner, he can’t get any support wherever he goes and he just lies one lie after, the other the party fines.

“How he expects to fool the public with working meetings, it’s just a piece of nonsense.

“And I think the British public have had enough.”

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Ms Liza said: “Jacqui let me put that to you, James calling Boris Johnson a gutless leader, however, you can argue that Boris Johnson is considering businesses.

“Considering how this would impact – not just Boris Johnson actually Nicola Sturgeon, how further restrictions impact hospitality, more so than it is right now.”

Ms Smith said: “Well it is impacting on hospitality now and if Boris Johnson was really considering those businesses.

He and Rishi Sunak would be putting together a proper package of support for them, and they failed to do that so far.”

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Care home resident recalls struggles of coronavirus lockdown

The Treasury is said to of pushed back against new proposals on more Covid restrictions,

The said reasoning for this is said to be due to the cost of reintroducing financial support for businesses, such as furlough schemes on the government.

Hospitality venues are facing a financial loss this Christmas as business owners in the hospitality industry call on the government for urgent financial support following the surge of the Omicron variant, which has been sweeping across European countries for the past few weeks.


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Nightclub owners in London have been reacting to the new government restrictions that kicked in on Wednesday. 

The owner of Electric Ballroom in Camden North London, Kate Fuller spoke about the new rules and how they will affect her business.

Ms Fuller said: “Since the announcement of the restrictions, our business just took a massive downturn

The Government is asking people to take a lateral flow test before going to any crowded venue but there have been shortages in PCR tests in the UK, making it a lot harder for people to prove a negative result every two days.

People who are fully vaccinated need to test every day for seven days a week if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid.

Ms Fuller added: “There’s no testing in a lot of the pharmacies. If you can’t get the tests, it’s going to be really hard for people to come.”

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