Tory Brexiteer explains how Boris can build ‘bigger’ UK fishing industry in snub to EU

Brexit: Michael Gove defends fishing arrangements in deal

A post-Brexit agreement on trade and other issues including fishing was agreed just a week before the transition period between the UK and European Union will end. The deal marks a new era for the UK after 40 years of EU membership.

But Sir John has highlighted how Prime Minister Boris Johnson should now look to create a larger fishing industry in the UK.

Taking to Twitter, the Tory MP wrote: “Government should set out plans for a much bigger UK fishing industry and better marine environment protection.

“Bring on the plans for food and fish processing and exporting as well as replacing imports.

“Coastal communities need more jobs and businesses not hand outs.”

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On Monday, EU ambassadors unanimously approved the post-Brexit deal.

The new Brexit trade deal will come into force on 1 January.

Fishing industry leaders have warned that the sector will face long-lasting damage under the new deal.

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) said “the Government caved in on fish”.

Andrew Locker, the chairman of the NFFO, told the BBC: “I am angry, disappointed and betrayed.

“Boris Johnson promised us the rights to all the fish that swim in our exclusive economic zone and we have got a fraction of that.”

He added: “We are absolutely worse off. When we were within the EU, we used to trade fish with the EU.

“We used to swap things we didn’t use with fish that they didn’t use, and that enabled us to put together an annual fishing plan.

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“What we have got now is a fraction of what we were promised through Brexit. We are going to really, really struggle this year.”

Yesterday, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove pledged to give fishermen “a major funding package” to help them take full advantage of Brexit.

Writing in The Scotsman, Mr Gove said British fisheries were entitled to about half of the fish in the country’s waters at the moment.

But he argued that by 2026 this would rise to two-thirds.

Mr Gove said the new deal gives Britain “control over who comes into our territorial waters” and insisted it is the “best possible deal” for the fishing industry.

He claimed that the UK is in a “stronger position” than it was in the EU and in the common fisheries policy.

Mr Gove told BBC Breakfast: “In the common fisheries policy we were only able to access about 50 percent of the fish in our waters.

“It is the case that we are now getting a significant uptick in that number, so we will have by 2026 about two-thirds of the fish in our waters.”

Sir Redwood urged the Government to “bring on policies to help UK businesses”.

Last week, the former trade minister tweeted: “Now we must use our new freedoms to rebuild our fishing industry, increase home food production, boost transport, manufacturing and energy.

“All these suffered from unhelpful EU laws, taxes and trade policies.”

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