Trump has firm grip on Republicans, while Democrats become more divided: Varney

Far left candidates spell trouble for the Democratic Party: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the state of the Democratic Party.

An embarrassment for the Democrats on both coasts. Far-left candidates are taking over. They may be elected, but they spell trouble for the Democrat Party.

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Start with the 28-year-old socialist who recently beat a high-ranking Democrat in a primary in New York City.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did a TV interview. She talked about “the occupation of Palestine.” To her, Israel is not a valid state. It is an occupier. She was pressed by the interviewer. She retreated and floundered, saying she didn’t know much about geopolitics. She has a degree in international relations. Asked about the low unemployment, high-growth economy, she complained that people have two jobs and can still barely make ends meet.

She is the new darling of the Democrats. She is almost certain to win a seat in Congress. Trouble for any middle of the road Democrat, if there are any left.

On the West Coast, moderate Democrats just took a big hit. Dianne Feinstein was badly beaten in a vote within the California party. She was beaten by Kevin de Leon. He’s running for her Senate seat. Mr. de Leon is the force behind California’s sanctuary state movement, and he’s the man allowing illegals to get a driver’s license. He’s a total open borders kind of guy! He may not win, but his strong showing means a big split among Democrats.


It’s a fascinating political season. President Trump has a firm grip on his party. The GOP is united behind his successful growth agenda.

But the Democrats are more badly divided between left and far left. And now, under scrutiny, some of their more extreme positions just don’t stand up.

Four months to the elections…

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