Trump Told Meadows to Call Roger Stone and Michael Flynn Day Before Capitol Attack … For Some Strange Reason

In testimony to the Jan. 6 committee, former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified that the president had the chief of staff call political operative Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn the day before the Capitol attack.

Hutchinson testified that Meadows had been instructed by Trump the night of Jan. 5 to call Stone and Flynn, and that it was her understanding that Meadows completed those calls. Hutchinson added that Meadows wanted to go to the “war room” established by Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman established in the D.C. Willard Hotel in the lead up to Jan. 6.

Stone, a veteran of electoral rioting, has been investigated for his ties to extremist groups present at the Capitol attack, including the Proud Boys. Stone traveled to D.C. in the company of members of the extremist group The Oath Keepers who allegedly acted as security for Stone. Stone was seen in the company of a member of the group hours before the man was photographed with protesters on the eastern side of the Capitol.

General Flynn is one of several Trump loyalists who have attempted to sue the Jan. 6 committee to halt the enforcement of a subpoena against him. The committee requested to speak to Flynn regarding a Dec. 2020 meeting in which Trump, Flynn and other Trump allies discussed the possibility of seizing voting machines or declaring a national emergency in an attempt to prevent Trump’s election loss. Flynn, a former national security advisor to President Trump, received a pardon from the former president in Nov. 2020 after pleading guilty to lying to FBI investigators.

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