Unelected peers threaten to slam brakes on Sunak’s plans to stop migrants

Nigel Farage critiques the government’s migrant plan

Unelected peers on Monday night threatened to delay Rishi Sunak’s plans to stop small boats in a row over the cost.

Former senior judge Baroness Butler-Sloss said it was “outrageous” the House of Lords was being asked to take decisions on legislation without an economic impact assessment.

Peers have raised a series of objections to the Illegal Migration Bill that will stop people crossing without permission from claiming asylum.

Home Office minister Lord Murray of Blidworth was heckled by peers when he said the figures would be “published in due course”.

Lady Butler-Sloss said: “How does the Government justify not having an impact statement until presumably the whole of this House has completed its dealing with the Bill?

“It seems to me outrageous. How can the Government justify it?”

Conservative Lord Cormack more information was needed so they can make “significant” decisions on the “most sensitive legislation that has been before Parliament for a very long time”.

He said: “It is crucial we have all the facts at our disposal.”

“Because my own thinking is that the House should not allow the Bill to go into report stage without the impact assessment being available.”

An analysis produced by the Refugee Council said it would cost between £8.7 billion and £9.6 billion to detain and accommodate people impacted by the Bill in the first three years of its operation.

The Bill faces a rocky ride in the Lords, with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby previously condemning it as “morally unacceptable and politically impractical”.

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