Ignoring Climate Peril, Oil Companies on Track to Lift Production by 7 Million Barrels

The world’s largest privately held oil companies have recently been touting both their expenditures aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions and at how much greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions they will be avoiding. For reference, in 2018 global carbon emissions totaled a record 37.1 billion metric tons (tonnes). The 2018 total was 2.7% higher than the total emitted in 2017, which […]

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Odds of $100 Oil Surge

Is it unimaginable that oil prices could reach $100 a barrel? No. Crude prices reached that point just over a decade ago. Drone attacks on Saudi oil fields pushed the price of Brent crude futures up from $60 to $68 the day after the catastrophe. This incident will not lift crude to $100, but some experts believe attacks on oil […]

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Natural Gas Price Steady on Small Inventory Draw

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported Thursday morning that U.S. natural gas stockpiles decreased by 36 billion cubic feet for the week ending March 22. Analysts were expecting a storage withdrawal of around 43 billion cubic feet. The five-year average for the week is a withdrawal of 41 billion cubic feet, and last year’s withdrawal totaled 66 billion cubic […]

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