Prosum Pro

Learn about the advantages of using the services of Prosum Holdings — the leader in the IT-consulting market.


If a company is looking for a provider of IT solutions for software and application development, then Prosum Pro would be the best choice in this area, offering innovative solutions for planning and implementing IT technologies. One of the largest companies with which Prosum cooperates is Microsoft, and the agency itself specializes in such services as:

  • сybersecurity;
  • azure;
  • IT-consulting;
  • managed IT;
  • virtualization!

The company’s distinctive features have always included transparency of operations, reliability, and short deadlines for completing tasks.

Long-term Cooperation

The company pays attention to the organization of its activities in such a way that the client feels comfortable. Taking into account the specifics of the internal processes, Prosum specialists develop new solutions for long-term projects. For the most efficient work, the company minimizes costs while fully meeting the wishes of the client.

Competent Testing

For the successful implementation of the conceived project, the company uses manual software testing using the patterns of testing processes already proven over the years, which makes it possible to speed up the process of creating a product of the required level many times over. By tracking business requirements from start to finish, Prosum ensures that all relevant criteria are met. For any of the tests, special testing laboratories are used on an ongoing basis for certification testing of the finished product. Thanks to this approach, it is guaranteed that the product will be delivered without defects within the specified time frame.

Mobile Development

In the modern world, smartphones and related software are increasingly entering the life of people. Therefore, many companies are targeting exactly native mobile services to better interact with their target audience optimizing their daily tasks. A distinctive feature of Prosum Holdings in this regard is the development of hybrid mobile applications, which is expressed in conducting the process of developing a mobile application from creating a project concept to optimization and ongoing support. The main clients of the company are iOS and Android devices. The selected services are:

  • user interface design;
  • iOS and Android settings management;
  • maintenance and post-warranty support!

By using Prosum services, you get the opportunity to discover new sources of income, getting the most out of the advanced software of mobile devices.


Prosum Holdings is one of the leading IT-consulting services on the market, based on scientific experience and focus on building trusting relationships with clients. The company pays special attention to intercultural experience while expanding the range of services and improving the quality of the software offered. The Prosum IT team is confident that only with such a careful approach will the solutions work effectively and bring profit.