Brexit Britain is outperforming EU economies despite gloomy forecasts

Brexit Britain is outperforming European economies despite gloomy forecasts from Remainers.

The Office for National Statistics found the UK economy had grown by two percent more than had originally been thought in November 2021 and has outperformed some of the biggest economies in Europe, including France and Germany.

Until the adjustment to the data, it was feared the UK was 1.2 percent below its pre-pandemic size rather than 0.6 percent above.

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Welcoming the news, economist Julian Jessop wrote on X (Twitter): “More evidence that ‘BrexitBritain’ is at least holding up better than the larger economies of the EU.

“Final UK #PMI for August revised up to 48.6, so still sub-50 but not as bad as flash 47.9. Euro area equivalent was revised down to 46.7, with Germany just 44.6.”

Speaking to the Express, Mr Jessop said: “The UK economy is faltering but other large economies in the rest of Europe are struggling too.

“‘Brexit Britain’ is certainly not the laggard that many would have us believe. Indeed, the outlooks for Germany and France look particularly grim.”

Vice Chairman of the St James Tories Sanzhar Abishev also took joy in the news on X. He wrote: “For almost two years we were labelled as the ‘sick man of Europe’, for being the only G7 economy that failed to bounce back from Covid, with incessant economic gloom adorning every front page.”

He added: “However, this week the revised @ONS figures pointed to the UK economy recovering all the way back in Q4 2021, dispelling the notion and propelling us up the G7 league table.

“We are once again reminded of our economic resilience, as well as the simple truth that forecasts are just that: predictions based on conditions that are subject to change.”

Responding to the news, one reader said: “That puts Brexit Britain at the top (yes the top) of the recovery chart for Europe that’s got to sting many Remainers!”

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Another said: “I was expecting to see so many negative comments and the usual cut and paste jobs which Remainers love to use to run down our country. Maybe now they will start to work on a much more positive note.

Whereas a third reader added: “People need to stop questioning our great govt as it’s won the battle for the economy.”

Alongside gloomy forecasters, Sir Keir Starmer has also been questioned for his silence over the bounceback. The Labour Party leader has been urged to admit he was wrong to talk Britain down.

Conservative minister Andrew Griffith wrote in a letter he posted on X (Twitter): “I know Labour’s trademark is to talk Britain down – whether this be wanting to keep us locked down during the pandemic, defying the will of the British people over Brexit or consistently carping about our business or economic prospects.”

Mr Griffith added: “However, Labour achieved a new level of disdain and naysaying when declaring the UK’s economy was lagging behind our European neighbours as we emerged from the pandemic.”

“Sir Keir, you stood at the despatch box and declared ‘the average French family are a tenth richer, the average German family a fifth richer. Those countries faced the same pandemic, and those countries face the same war’.

“You went on to say our economy was ‘brittle’ and ‘weaker’ and ‘less resilient’ than our competitors.

“I notice neither of you have so far seen fit to correct the record. I would therefore like to encourage you to take the opportunity to do so, in the House at your earliest convenience.”

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