Keir Starmer is ‘mirroring Blair’ in bid to win power claims body language guru

Labour: Protestor throws glitter on Keir Starmer

A leading body language expert believes that Sir Keir Starmer is mirroring former Labour PM Tony Blair in the run-up to the 1997 General Election which saw the Tories humbled.

The Leader of the Opposition delivered his Conference speech earlier today, and our body language guru revealed Sir Keir has the confidence of a PM to-be.

Darren Stanton told “Keir Starmer presents himself as a man who knows everything is lined up. There were loose ends for the Labour Party in previous elections, whereas this presentation is reminiscent of Tony Blair and 1997 [general election].

“Through his body language, Starmer does come across as a man who really believes that this is his time now, he’s very confident that Labour will be in Government after the next election.”

Comparing the Labour leader to his opposite number, the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Mr Stanton believes that Sir Keir’s delivery is more authentic.

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He said: “Keir Starmer speaks much more fluently and much more from the heart, he’s a lot more passionate in his delivery than Rishi Sunak and he wasn’t intending to create soundbites and slogans like other politicians do.”

Despite the speech in the Liverpool conference hall not running entirely smoothly, after a protester stormed the stage and covered Sir Keir in glitter, Mr Stanton argued that the Labour leader reacted well to the adversity.

He explained: “Starmer was stoic when he was interrupted by the protester. He didn’t panic, which is a good test of a leader in the face of potential calamity. He was unphased and didn’t go off track.

“Things like this can be good because you see what’s underneath the man and test his resolve. Starmer handled the situation very well, he was composed and recovered within a few seconds.

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“Overall, Starmer appears presidential and impassioned about what he’s talking about, whereas Rishi Sunak and some other politicians lack authenticity and a bit of fire in their bellies.

“This conference will score a lot of points for Starmer in terms of popularity and backing among the hardened and faithful Labour supporters.”

Darren Stanton spoke to for

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